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Bermondsey SE16

Project Description

Demolition of existing car mechanic garage and erection of 4 new flats within the full boundaries of the existing tight plot.

Client: Real Estate fund

Duration: 1 year

Type: New Built flats


The steel structure was modelled in 3d by our engineers and all elements pre-ordered and fit on site in a single order saving time and cost for our clients. The process was managed and executed at the same time by Major Oak staff.


Major Oak worked to the client budget to deliver the required finish without the involvement of independent designers. The client’s trust in Major oak managed to shave off significant design time from the project rewarding the client with a highly envied IRR.


The detailed reporting and valuations carried out by Major Oak prior commencement of work and on a monthly basis theafter ensured that there was trust and transparency between contractor client and financiers. This created a seamless process without any delays for all parties.

First Time Buyers

The project had to be both atractive for first time buyers but at the same time keep below the threshold.


The project required the building to meet various environmental and sustainability targets , all of which were coordinated by major Oak and specialist design subcontractors allowing the client to concentrate on the marketing and disposal of the asset to new buyers.