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King's Cross N1

Project Description

A highly technical project. Required deepening of existing vaulted basement. Demolition of facade and reconstruction of listed building whilst maintaining other facades using temporary works. Joining of two adjacent flats to create larger single level flats and shell and core of new restaurant area on GF and basement levels.

Client: Private Investors

Duration: 21 months

Type: Multi use Building with basement


Building underpinning whilst side facade was demolished was a challenge as was muckaway in Central London through streets that have vehicle weight restrictions. 


Design and build by Major Oak. A combination of industrial and classic design was used in line with street character. All joinery design and built by Major Oak.

Design Variations

Major Oak through intensive value engineering exercises suggested a number of major layout variations to the client resulting in a more functional layout , reduced cost and a higher net internal area.

Building of Merit

The building was classified as a building of merit. This required the careful reconstruction and re-pointing of the facade using approved reclaimed brick which was recycled from the od building as well as replacing the windows with solid hardwood replicals of the original.

Structural Integrity

The building hid many underlying issues with structure and quality of build . Major Oak’s own trained civil engineers along with the project engineers had to re-design and strengthen all defects to ensure building safety.