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Willesden Green NW10

Project Description

Conversion of historic Dairy plant ito 8 flats. Including new facade, new mansard roof and external works.

Client: Private Investors

Duration : 2 stage total 18 months

Type: Commercial to Residential Comversion

Structural Works

A substantial amount of steel was required to strengthen the building and enable the new mansard roof. This was designed detailed and installed by Major Oak. The steel was pre-ordered to minimise the effect of rising steel prices and guarantee the client project cost.

Marketing and Sales

Major Oak recognises the need clients have to utilise their assets as soon as possible. Through a two stage construction process Major Oak worked along side the client team to enable marketing and sales to be carried out on 6 flats whilst the remain 2 were being fitted out. This enabled the client to secure sales and in effect project viability well before project was complete. The speed at which all flats were sold on the first weekend of marketing was testament to the hard work Major oak carried out.


Design was project managed by client PM utilising Major Oak resources. Design was industrial to align with building history. New windows were installed to reflect the style.


Major Oak worked closely with the design and PM team to streamline the process and avoid loosing valuable time. Whilst planning was underway Major Oak had already stripped out and secured the building.


Another project where Major Oak delivered in-house design and build bespoke joinery.